ScanGuard Review: is The New Antivirus Worth Trying

Scanguard is one of the newest and most promising antivirus products on the market. It was introduced in 2016 and due to a massive advertising campaign got its first fans quickly. As of today, you can find many controversial reviews of the product on the Internet. We decided to take a close look at the antivirus to get an unbiased vision of whether it is a worthy product. Check our findings below.

Our general impression after the Scanguard antivirus review is that it is a reliable product. The antivirus has some flaws like any other software, but they are not critical. Here is the list of pros and cons we discovered:

  • Top-notch malware protection
  • Good extra features
  • Affordable price
  • Intuitive interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • The antivirus is not certified yet
  • No independent labs test results
  • No free trial
  • Renewal rates are pretty high

Should You Consider Getting Scanguard?

Since Microsoft has not endorsed Scanguard yet and the product does not have a McAfee Secure certificate, many users say it is a scam software. Therefore, antivirus has not participated in any AV tests of respected agencies which makes it hard to compare to other products. We conducted our tests to see how effective Scanguard is. And the results are quite impressive: the antivirus managed to detect all known kinds of malware, including zero-day samples. Its anti-phishing feature blocked suspicious pages and also put eleven suspicious files into the quarantine folder. So, we have nothing bad to say about Scanguard’s defense capabilities.

Packages and Pricing

Being new to the market can be tough. And Scanguard needs time to gain reputation. One of the strategies the company uses to attract users is offering them attractive prices for all products. There are three protection plans which go with a 30-day money back guarantee:

  • Essential Antivirus. It provides entry-level protection for $24.95/year.
  • Antivirus Pro plan is Scanguard’s most popular offer which costs $39.95/year.
  • Ultimate Antivirus is a complete security package which includes a few features other packages don’t have. The plan is available for $59.95/year.

Scanguard Packages Be aware that these prices are available when you make the first purchase only and you will have to pay the regular price when the subscription is renewed. All of the packages provide top-notch real-time malware protection, including advanced ransomware protection. They also include a disk cleaner, PC performance & optimization tools, smartphone optimizer & protection, remote firewall, web browser cleaner & manager. Also, identity protection feature is available for US customers. Both, Antivirus Pro and Ultimate editions offer a safe site extension which will block potentially dangerous sites before you even open them. The extension is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Read more comprehensive Scanguard Review to find much more. Also, the Ultimate package goes with an antivirus eBook add-on which will give you the most comprehensive information about how to keep your PC safe. Finally, you may add several premium features to your protection plan – for example, VPN, password vault, an in-browser ad blocking software, and more.

Key Features

Starts from $24.95/year MBG 30 days
Compatible Platfroms
Windows + Android +
Mac + iOS +
Malware Protection
Viruses + Trojans +
Spyware + Adware +
Ransomware +
Scanning Options
Quick Scan + Full Scan +
Extra Features
Disk Cleaner + Password Manager Extra fee
Browser Cleaner + VPN Extra fee
PC Optimizer + Parental Control
Smartphone Optimizer + Gamer Mode
Firewall +

Compatible Platforms

One of the most significant Scanguard’s advantages is that it is compatible with all platforms.


The apps for Windows and Mac are designed to protect users against all kinds of malware and improve computers’ overall performance. Scanguard for Android is a set of cool security and optimization tools which will help your phone work faster and be secure. Don’t get surprised not to find an app for iOS though.

There is no such thing as antivirus for iPhone or iPad since this operational system doesn’t need one. Actually, all the apps for iOS devices are generally a set of extra useful tools.

So, Scanguard has a special offer for iPhone and iPad owners – it is ready to care for precious files and thus, clear some memory space. Note that the Antivirus Pro package covers up to 3 devices running on different platforms and the Ultimate Antivirus is ready to protect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Once you access your Scanguard dashboard, you will see the option to add the antivirus to your other devices. Feel free to choose any other computer or portable device. You will get a download link to your email which should be activated on the device you want to protect with Scanguard.

However, there are a few features which are not available for specific platforms. For example, you won’t be able to use battery saver or app lock on your Windows or Mac machines, or there is no firewall protection available for Android users. But the rest of features, including VPN and password vault, can be used on any Windows, Mac or Android device.

Does Scanguard Offer Reliable Protection?

So far Scanguard has not participated in any independent tests which would check its protection capabilities. However, it is not a reason to doubt antivirus effectiveness. Actually, many users give positive feedback about their experience using Scanguard. Our tests also showed that it worked pretty well.

Using progressive tools, Scanguard can deal with all kinds of malware, including viruses, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and adware. It is also useful in protecting users’ devices from phishing scams.

To guard customers’ security, Scanguard uses two types of scans – a quick scan to check your desktop, browsers, and downloads, and a full scan to examine the furthest parts of your machine. Once the scan is finished, you will get a report about whether there are any issues worth your attention.

Note that you can choose the frequency of scans. Also, make sure the Real-Time Protection function set by default is on. It will allow Scanguard to take care of any hazards threatening your machine automatically.

Scanguard Performance

scanguard performance

It is clear that any software would consume your computer’s resources to do its job. However, the best programs do not overload the system. That is also true for antivirus software. So, we checked how well Scanguard does on that. The results were impressive – we hadn’t noticed any slowdowns and could use the computer as we did before the antivirus was installed. Even when running the full system scan, the software took less than 5% of the CPU resources which is very modest. Besides, Scanguard offers optimization and performance tools to improve your user experience:

  • System optimization scan would find the areas which can help your device perform better and last longer
  • Disc Cleaner Pro is aimed at finding valuable disk space occupied by unnecessary files
  • Battery Monitor tracks unwanted processes and apps running on the background
  • Browser Manager would clear up cookies and browsing history.

Is Scanguard Easy to Use?

To start using Scanguard, you don’t need any specialized knowledge – it is straightforward. Before you proceed with the installation process, you will have to register an account first. This can be annoying and suspicious for many users. But we encourage you to ignore this minor inconvenience and move on to the installation process.

So, once you have an account and have paid for one of the packages, you are a few minutes away from using the antivirus. First, you will have to download the Scanguard.exe file to your download folder. Then open the file and run the installation wizard. When the whole process is over, you will log into your account. Congratulations, your device is now protected!

The next thing you can do is explore the Scanguard’s user interface. You will be impressed by how simple and neat it is. In fact, usability is one of the most significant advantages of the product. You can easily access all the features and customize the software the way you like. The interface looks the same on all the platforms, be it a computer with Windows, Mac or Android device.

Customer Service

The last thing we want to cover in this Scanguard review is the customer service and support. And this another thing we like about this antivirus and its vendor – they are very progressive. customer supportThe company uses email, a support request form, a 24/7 live chat, and a phone to answer the questions of existing and potential customers. The website offers a comprehensive Help Center. You can find useful articles and video tutorials covering the product features and how they work there. Also, there are plenty of materials on general topics, for example, about different kinds of online threats and ways to protect against them. An excellent library!

Final Thoughts

Even though Scanguard is a relatively new product, it has already proved that it is a reliable thing worth trying. It copes well with its primary task which is to protect users from different types of malware, including ransomware which is among the most dangerous things on the Internet today.

Besides, the company offers other useful tools (VPN, password vault) which can add an extra layer of security to every single customer of theirs. The software doesn’t overload system resources and thus, allows using your device comfortably. Finally, the customer care team is really supportive. So, the whole user’s experience is pleasant.

Obviously, it would be great to see an endorsement from Microsoft as well as the results of the independent labs’ tests. But this is a matter of time. We are quite sure Scanguard will demonstrate outstanding results one day.