Traced Antivirus Reviews

Today, choosing a reliable antivirus is a matter of paramount importance for any user, because what can protect your computer better than a full-fledged comprehensive solution aimed at data storage and stable operation?

The purpose of antivirus software

Mobile antivirus is a response to today’s security challenges. The reality is that with the help of malware, fraudsters infect smartphones and tablets. Their purpose is to monitor users, steal important data – logins and passwords from bank accounts, social media profiles, and other information.

The Android operating system is now a fairly advanced mobile system and its protection can play, not the least role in preventing malware and processes of various kinds. New and more advanced viruses are constantly appearing, the consequences of which are very deplorable: from the theft of personal and valuable information or money to the destruction of your system, in more detail.

Special software, such as antivirus software, is used to protect your data and devices from malware. There are the following antivirus programs:

  • detectors (scanners) – programs that can scan your computer for malware and notify the user of their presence. During the verification of the program using data from the so-called anti-virus databases – a set of data on currently known malware and ways to combat them;
  • doctors – programs that “treat” computers from the detected malware, neutralize them, and if it is impossible to neutralize the infected objects or place them in special folders. Like detectors, doctors use anti-virus databases to update data on how to fight malware;
  • monitors – programs that are permanently (resident) in the computer’s RAM since the boot of the operating system and check all files and disks that are accessed, block actions that can be identified as the actions of malicious software;
  • auditors – programs that analyze the status of system files and folders and compare them with the state that was at the beginning of the anti-virus program. At certain changes which are characteristic of the activity of the malicious programs, the program auditor deduces the message on a possibility of defeat by the malicious program;
  • blockers – programs that analyze the exchange of user computer data with other computers on the network. A program blocks a connection to a specific device on the network if it detects actions that are characteristic of malicious computer programs and displays messages about attempts to penetrate the user’s computer.

Modern antivirus programs are complex programs that have the properties of all these types of anti-virus programs.

More about Traced Antivirus

Traced Antivirus is a free antivirus designed for Android and iOS. The Traced app detects malicious apps, dangerous Wi-Fi networks and defends against phishing, keeping your personal and business data secure.

The application provides the following functions:

  • Rapid threat detection
  • Wi-Fi security monitoring
  • Scan applications and SD card
  • Clear browser history
  • Block calls that you do not want to answer
  • Search for a lost phone

The interface of Traced Antivirus is made in a simple and clean minimalist style. The scanning process does not take much time. A big plus also is the minimal demands on the resources of your device.

This antivirus uses the entire effective arsenal of the PC program. It has antivirus databases, modules for scanning files for malware, additional useful features. However, its goals and capabilities are no different from the familiar antivirus for desktop computers.