Hackers ruthlessly destroy and steal PC databases, developing and implementing new threats. Thank God that the possibilities of protection are also improving. Will there be at least one reliable program that will cope with all Trojans? Understand what antivirus can do and whether you can use only one: choose the best free antivirus among malwarebytes vs avast.

Malwarebytes Free for Windows

The program has an intuitive interface and quality protection. Helps fight malware that installs on your computer or laptop. Sometimes it can be hidden. Saves from advertising that is displayed in the browser and is not removed even from the hundredth attempt.

The free version differs from the premium in functionality. Only a thorough search and removal of malware that has already entered the PC is possible. Detection rates are close to ideal, which is noteworthy. Automatic thread checking and analysis are updated once a day.

Not available:

  • real-time protection against exploits that exploit system and application vulnerabilities;
  • blocking extortion viruses and suspicious websites.

In fact, the free version of Malwarebytes Free can be a great addition to another antivirus if you do not want to overpay. You need to download the free version installer and start the installation procedure. In the window, you will see a trial premium version for two weeks, which will be 100% independent full-fledged antivirus and protection online.

Graphics or speed – how to choose the perfect antivirus? Here we are completely guided by the purpose of the equipment, which was determined earlier. If speed is a priority, prefer Intel. This type is more effective in working with office programs and documents. AMD processor is preferred by players and connoisseurs of graphics.

The Best Antivirus Solutions

What is included in Malwarebytes vs Avast antiviruses?

  1. An antivirus package that scans all installed software for malicious code without manual settings.
  2. Phantom VPN is a virtual network in 20 countries, there is only 500 MB of traffic per month.
  3. Shopping – works in Google and Mozilla, safe online shopping offers.
  4. Smart search – scanning the home LAN, providing information about found devices.
  5. Password Manager – capture credentials on initial input and duplicate playback as needed.
  6. Windows Optimization – Checking the configuration and applying the necessary changes.

The democratic price of the device can be explained by the plastic case though the facing material is so qualitative that at once you will not understand that it is not metal. Also, an affordable price was obtained by using an AMD processor instead of its counterpart from Intel. It cannot be said that this has had a negative impact on productivity, but the cost is obvious.

Another plus – the ability to recharge in 20-60 minutes to 30-80%. Preparatory actions are almost no different from those described above. Yes, the user needs to disconnect the laptop from the network and remove the battery. Then use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw that holds the cover that closes the optical drive bay. Which free antivirus is better? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, as you need to choose for your needs.